october means pumpkins in tokyo in autumn

Happy October everyone! I don’t think October means pumpkins for most of the residents of Tokyo, but maybe some lost souls out there.

We went to Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome, which we have been to before and you can find the post here. Looking back at that post, I’ve taken pretty much the exact same pictures, so maybe just read this one.

It wasn’t empty like last time and you had to reserve a time slot. The photographers were out in FULL force – we saw children being paraded around dressed as pumpkins, witches and Snow White. That’s fine, but. But, but, but! There are rules when playing with the pumpkins (not mine, the greenhouse’s) and one of those is don’t hog the pumpkins, but I’m sad to say, we witnessed many a person breaking that rule. One group had ten (TEN!) pumpkins surrounding them – they’d rolled them over to their table and formed a circle that surrounded them. Were they taking photos? No, they were eating their lunch! I couldn’t believe it. We sat on a bench that no one wanted because it was pumpkin-less and just had to watch all the fun going on around us.

After the pumpkins, we headed to a cafe which I’d seen on the map. There isn’t really much in the Shin-Kiba area, but a few cafes have sprouted up, so we cycled on down. The first one we went to was a no go, I won’t say the name but it was next door to the one we ended up going to, Soko Station 146. The other one ignored me which you know, when you’re spending your money there, just shouldn’t be the case, so our money talked and it said goodbye to the lady and we trotted on upstairs to Soko.

My husband had a hot dog with salad and chips set and cola and I had a cookie (apple cinnamon) – very good and a sparkling apple juice. I lose my appetite when it’s hot and it was a blazer that day. For some reason when I was handling my apple juice, I thought the top was still on and proceeded to tip it sideways. It went all over, obviously. What a fool, thank God only a handful of people saw, because how embarrassing would that have been?

Then we came home, felt exhausted from being out in the sun all day and lazed about (ok, that’s me, my husband actually did studying).

Thanks for reading and bye for now,


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