hagi: the cafe edition

We go to Hagi (Yamaguchi-ken)・萩 quite a lot. You might be considering going and are wondering what to eat, especially if you are vegetarian*. I’m here to impart my words of wisdom. This is the cafe and coffee places etc. edition.

*When I say vegetarian, I mean no visible meat or fish – I don’t check whether fish stock etc is used because, well, it’s Japan.

Cafe Gallery 藍場川の家

A lovely little cafe near a little, lush waterway. Very peaceful and relaxing with a view out onto a Japanese garden. They also have a little area upstairs for displays ...

old news


This weekend I went to Hagi in Yamaguchi.  I was going to post pictures I had taken but…I didn’t really take any!  You can see the problem, I’m sure.  I didn’t take any because we weren’t actually there to sightsee, we went for a family ritual that needed to be carried out.  This involved sitting on the floor for a very long time and then having to stagger over to the alter which is no easy thing when you can’t feel your feet, I can tell you!  It was very hard going seeing family friends (note, not my friends) who ...