2022 golden week trip to hagi, yamaguchi: part 3

stone lantern with purple azalea

Day five and we were temple hopping. We started off at Daishōin Temple・大照院 which has a lantern festival in August and is a very pretty time to go.

Then we headed back to ‘town’, to go for lunch at CotoCoto. They had pictures of a vegan lunch menu on their instagram, but unfortunately when we went, the lady said that the person doing those had left, so they’d stopped doing them. We just ended up getting drinks – it was disappointing. The shop itself is really nice and they have a beautiful garden at the back. If you eat meat, the curry looked very nice.

We went to St.Marco – for lunch or dinner, I can’t remember. We went a couple of times but I’ve just put all the pictures together – I can eat, but I can’t eat that much. They make their own ice cream and it is really good. I highly recommend going for the ice cream.

We set out for an evening walk and went to Shoin Shrine・松陰神社. It was lovely at dusk – no one else was there. In the day, there are usually lots of tourists and school groups. They have some shops selling souvenirs and food, so it has a nice atmosphere but if you’re looking for peace, go in the evening. My omikuji (fortune-telling little piece of paper) was only so-so, thus it got tied up and left.

Day six and that saw us at Cafe Tikal・長屋門珈琲カフェ・ティカル where we had coffee and cake. The coffee was really good (on a par with Hotoritei for me) and the cake was some of the best I’ve had in Japan. They were solid cakes, no cream in sight and made use of the natsumikan which grows everywhere. My one gripe was the disposable plates.

We wandered the old streets and did a bit of shopping for Hagi Yaki which is the famous local pottery.


Afterwards, we went to Midoriya Farm which is a yakiniku place. If you don’t mind the hypocrisy of being vegetarian/vegan and going to a yakiniku place, there are actually lots of options, surprisingly.

Well, this post is long enough, so I’ll do a final part four – see you there.

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