2022 golden week trip to hagi, yamaguchi: part 2

myojin pond

We’re back and straight into day three where we found ourselves getting the bus to Myojin Pond and Kasayama.

Itsukushima Shrine at myojin pond
view from kasayama

We walked to the top which is very doable – it’s just a road and this was the view. There was a coffee shop at the top which we went to, but I’d pass if we were to go again. We sat on beanbag seats which I struggled to get up from and staggered about whilst being watched by a group who were pretend staring out the window, pretending not to watch, but they were watching! I could feel their side stares.

We headed back down to get the bus back. It was punctual of course, which is still a novelty to me, coming from the UK. How does Japan manage it?

cafe hotoritei's entrance

Day four we headed to Hotoritei – probably my favourite place to eat in Hagi.

We had the lunch plates and if you ring up in advance, they can put together a vegetarian plate (and I think vegan). They always check if dairy is ok with me (or my dad aka my husband who people tend to speak to about me – just a little joke).

cafe hotoritei interior

I would love to live in this building.

coffee from nero bake

We got coffee from Nero Bake – the coffee was very nice but the plastic was not. They sell cakes as well, but I’d just go for the coffee.

We spent the rest of the day at the beach. We bought a little tent which people often use at the park or the beach. I think that’s such a good idea and I love ours. It was in the sale at the electric shop for ¥4,500 and we thought, ‘No! That’s just too much.’ We promptly left, but spent the following days imagining how good our lives could be if we only owned this tent. My god, it would be life changing. We headed back to the shop and someone or something was on our side because there it was, now sitting there with a ¥2,000 sticker on it. We grabbed it and our lives truly have never been the same since.

hagi pink sky sunset

We finished our adventures with a sunset walk – we were so lucky with the sunsets that we got.

Thank you for reading and see you soon,


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