funabori days

We had lovely weather this weekend and we spent Sunday walking around Funabori in Edogawa-ku.

Hard to see on the above photo but they do boat trips down the canal during sakura season.

If you turn off the canal you get to a bit called 健康の道 (health road?). There are lots of these dotted about and they are ever so pretty, you can hear the birds singing and encounter lots of nature. It feels like you’ve left the city when you’re walking along them.

We stopped off for lunch at 雪の窯珈琲 (yuki no kama coffee) and had pizza and coffee. Highly recommend – lunch was incredible value and highly authentic (¥750 for the margherita and ¥600 for the mixed!! In Tokyo!!).

We also trotted to The Oak Bakery and it was really good. My husband had an onion cheese toast and I had a walnut roll with mixed dried fruits and cream cheese. Excellent bread – again, highly recommend. No photos sorry, we were too greedy. It is takeaway only, so be mindful of that. If it’s a nice day though, just sit on a bench along the canal which is how I ended the day whilst my husband enjoyed the local onsen.

Here’s hoping you had an excellent weekend 🙂


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