leaves on the trees are turning


I think this will be the last post featuring the colourful leaves in Japan.  I have managed to stretch it out for about four blog posts, so you know, a fifth would be really pushing it.

These photos are from near Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace Gardens. Really pretty ginkgo trees; a lot of people were there taking photos. We went a couple of weeks ago now, so the trees have probably already shed all their leaves.  In my opinion Tokyo Station is one of the hardest to navigate. I find it even more difficult than Ikebukuro and Shinjuku.  There is quite a lot to do there though, so obviously thats why it’s always so busy.  Not been up to much recently, just counting down the days until school finishes and I can go home for Christmas!!




The Imperial Palace Gardens.  For me, I wasn’t overly wowed by the gardens, but if you’re in the area, nice to have a look at perhaps.


Fruit growing on the trees in the gardens.



The illuminations.  Very pretty but this comes at a cost.  Saw a few people nearly get run over because they were in the middle of the road taking pictures.



And it ends.  So, that’s your lot.  Have you done anything exciting recently? Let me know!



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