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The weekend has come and gone, quickly as it always tends to do.  I did mean to post this earlier in the week, but didn’t!  I had quite a good weekend.  It wasn’t the best and it wasn’t the worst.


the worst

This bit bit relates to the apartment and the contract stuff.  I won’t get into it but let’s just say it’s hard living in Japan sometimes and leave it at that.  This is still an ongoing issue.


…on to the best


I met my husband for lunch and we had Japanese bakery.  It was cheap – ¥842 (about £5.80).  I absolutely love Japanese bakery items.


(L-R tray 1: cheese bread, custard bread and salt bread.  L-R tray 2: lemon cream bread and cheese bread)



As far as the not buying clothes, stationery, books and makeup is going, I am doing really well and I haven’t bought any.  I really wanted something from Tokyo Tower but then realised, I didn’t have anything specific in mind, I just wanted something.  This prompted me, although I will say not straight away, to understand that it was the old me trying to break free.  The greedy monster inside would be happy with anything, as long as it got something.  I said no to it and continued on my way.  I am happy to not have extra clutter and I feel a little bit stronger.  The world hasn’t ended because I didn’t get something whilst I was out and about.



  • Totally forgot to make lunch for my husband to take to work on Monday BUT have made it Tuesday, Wednesday and today.  I need to remember that I need to make it on a Sunday night, but it just slips my mind sometimes.
  • Whilst at Tokyo Tower, we got ice cream.  This isn’t a crime and I don’t like to deny myself. I am trying to eat less sugar though, can’t you tell?  The problem is, I got a cup instead of a cone.  I don’t really like getting cones because I am always too full but I don’t want to get cups anymore because of the waste.  I totally forgot and ordered a cup out of habit. Looking at it, the spoon as well is no good.  Definitely  will get a cone next time.


(Flavours: Sunrise sherbet and peach mellow extreme – I think)


Must try harder until it is ingrained.


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