september memories and october wish list


I can’t imagine this post is going to be too long because I hardly did anything in September, just lazed about, only moving when I had to.  For that very reason, I am going to include some things I did in August too because otherwise, the post would have already ended.

august and september memories

Weezer – They were amazing!  That’s the queue for the merchandise.




I went to Lotteria for the first time and it was pretty good.  I like the chips because you get a packet of flavouring to put on them and then shake.


Nashi (pear but not an English pear) picking.  The people running it were so friendly, I really can’t recommend them enough.  Of course, the nashi that we had were amazing, so juicy!  We sat in the garden to eat them and we had four between us but the lady said someone had once eaten over 20!!

nashi nashiplace

We tried Eggs ‘n Things which I have been wanting to do for ages.  We cycled to the Odaiba branch, so the exercise justified the excess.  We shared both dishes.


If we were to go again, we wouldn’t have the pancakes below.  On the table you get three sauces – I think papaya, coconut and maple and we would just get plain pancakes and use them.  But they were nice!  (You can see the sauces just at the top righthand corner)



october wish list

  • Read – minimum of two books
  • Study Japanese – joining a language school so I need to push myself
  • I think the big one from looking back at the last two months is to make myself go and do things
  • Save money – last month was a bit spendy because of the Philippines, so this month shouldn’t be as spendy
  • Do autumn leaves viewing or rather, go and see the autumn leaves
  • Have Sharon fruit
  • Start wearing tights again because I really miss them and the weather should hopefully cool down enough
  • Start thinking about Christmas and what we’re doing
  • Before Christmas, plan Halloween – not doing anything but I want to make some spooky food
  • Go to Disney – we got tickets as a wedding present and we need to use them


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