how to make ume juice – the results

This is a results post about the ume-juice I made. Want to find out how I created this? Read all about it here.

It wasn’t as frugal as I was hoping because the first container I bought broke.  Now, I thought, maybe it’s because of my vigorous shaking?  Or perhaps it was already like that when we bought it?  So, I went and bought another one, oh and more fruit and sugar because it had leaked and I created another lot. Day two rolls round and there’s another sticky patch on the floor.  I couldn’t believe it!  Only this ...

how to make ume juice

The umes are in the shops, I repeat, the umes are in the shops.  Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I tried ume juice that someone had made and it was the nicest thing I have ever had to drink, that I can come up with now.  I like umeshu too, but I don’t really drink, especially not at home, so this year, I’m giving the old ume juice (梅ジュース) a whirl.

Here’s how I have prepared it following the book 「大切にしたい、にっぽんの暮らし。」by さとうひろみ. It is a gorgeous book and very informative.

Gather the necessary items ( ...