new england and the hudson valley (sept – oct 2019) : arrival | New York

arrival | New York

The plan was that my husband and I would fly from Tokyo to JFK and my mum would meet us there from her flight from the UK. Our flights were due to arrive at pretty much the same time, but different terminals. Off the plane, through immigration, get bags, then onto my mum’s terminal. Perfect! I have never been through a queue to enter a country like that! It was crazy, we were queuing for about 2 hours and I was fretting so much about my mum panicking that we wouldn’t there when she got out. We needn’t have worried though, because it seems like all the terminals were exactly the same. The people working there weren’t the friendliest either which isn’t the nicest welcome to a country but never mind.

We queued up for a yellow cab at the airport in the official line and got it to our hotel. I’d read of taxi scams at the airport where people are touting for business and then charge way over the top, so I was being very vigilant! I remember seeing the New York skyline for the first time from the taxi and it was amazing! When we arrived, we dumped our stuff and then off out into the night we went to get pizza.

We had two days before our tour started. On one of them, my husband was taking an exam which he had arranged to do in New York. He said that was a good experience and it took us to Harlem which we probably wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for that, so it worked out well, because it was good to see a different bit.

Times Square was fun for a minute. I wasn’t mad on it, but I don’t like London either, at least the tourist bits. Every time we ventured to Times Square, my husband was harassed by black guys shoving CDs at him, putting them in his hand, in his pockets, in his face, not letting him move away. I tried to be polite at first, but I snapped. Targeted because he’s asian (neither me nor my mum were targeted and I suppose they didn’t realise we were together until I kicked up a fuss). I’d also seen a warning for this particular scam as well before we went. Not great.

I promise my other posts won’t be as negative but New York really did nothing for me. I know loads of people love it, so I’m possibly in the minority. I’m happy we got to see it and I’m sad that it’s suffered so terribly of late. This isn’t the last we’ll see of NYC because we have some time back there after the tour.


arrival | New York
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