lazy sunday

Oh what a lovely Sunday, oh what a beautiful day.  It was such a nice Sunday!  We went down to the beachy bit at Kasai Rinkai Park and walked around.  There were a lot of people in the actual park bit but not so many on the beach which was nice as I’m not a huge fan of crowded places.  ‘Why do you live in Tokyo then?’  you might ask and the answer is, I don’t know.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures and make sure to visit if you haven’t already.

You can see Disney off in the distance.  The ...

ume matsuri

On Sunday, it was a beautiful day here.  Not as warm as Saturday but we had lovely clear, blue skies and it was the perfect weather to go and see the plum blossoms!  So we went to 亀戸天神 (Kameido-Tenjin Shrine).

These green signs led the way from the station.  The main road that we went along was pedestrianised which I loved.  Not sure if this is just an every so often thing or an every Sunday thing, but it felt very daring to be able to just walk in the middle of the road.

We got to the shrine and ...

leaves on the trees are turning


I think this will be the last post featuring the colourful leaves in Japan.  I have managed to stretch it out for about four blog posts, so you know, a fifth would be really pushing it.

These photos are from near Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace Gardens. Really pretty ginkgo trees; a lot of people were there taking photos. We went a couple of weeks ago now, so the trees have probably already shed all their leaves.  In my opinion Tokyo Station is one of the hardest to navigate. I find it even more difficult than Ikebukuro and Shinjuku.   ...

is that all you ever do


Hello, yes, we went to another garden this weekend.  It is called Koshikawa Korakuen (小石川後楽園).  It was lovely.  The changing leaves festival has just started and continues on until 4th December if I remember rightly.  Not all the leaves had changed yet as you can see from the below photos, but it was still lovely nonetheless.   It was busy though!  We had to queue to get in, not long, perhaps around 15 minutes or so.  It did sort of ruin it there being so many people in the garden, couldn’t really relax and just stand still and enjoy the scenery.   ...