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This week I’m going to write about frugal things I do to stay cool. It’s gotten so hot here in Tokyo this last week, in the 30’s pretty much every day. I am definitely not made for such weather – I hate it in fact, so let’s go with the theme of cooling down on these hot days.

number 1

Get a fan and use that fan. Of course I mean an electrical one but I also use the handheld one above when I’m out and about.  I use my electric one in the day and we also keep it on in the night, as it circulates the air and makes it easier to sleep. You can get them cheaply enough from a supermarket – ours was from Aeon and was ¥2,000ish on a special offer. You can also get them at recycle shops which I recommend to use. Let’s all save the planet together. If you go with a recycle shop, get them when it’s not hot because ours had none left when we went. Preparation is key.

number 2
Air con. Two words and they are air con. I do think it’s a necessity in this kind of heat but I don’t think it’s necessary to keep it on all day and all night long. I would actually not do this, especially at night as it can give me a sore throat sometimes. It would also cost a bloody fortune. Instead, combine it with a fan and blast it at around for around 30 mins. We do this before we go to bed at night and it helps us to sleep. We also blast it in the day if we are feeling especially hot.

number 3

Eat and drink cool and cold things. There’s nothing worse, in my opinion, than eating things like roasts and stews on a boiling hot day. Don’t do it to yourself. Think salads, cold noodles, ice lollies, jacket potatoes, sandwiches, etc. Drink plenty of cold drinks to keep you cool – I love ice coffee and this is my go to breakfast drink in the summer. Then I drink iced peppermint tea and water throughout the day. I’ve also been enjoying my ume juice that I created!  Stay hydrated.

number 4

Don’t go out in the day unless you have to. It’s sort of like being a vampire, I imagine.  It is much cooler in the evenings, so plan to do stuff then. I go for my walk or bike ride in the evenings, to the supermarket (bonus points for that because you can get yellow sticker items), meet friends, etc.  Always remember to wear airism aka a sweat vest.

number 5
Number four leads me to number five. If you are going to go out in the day, head to the library, shops, cafes etc. to escape the heat and use the air con. McDonalds for example have very cheap drinks (especially if you download the app) and you can sit in there and bask in the air con goodness until you’re ready to face the hell that awaits you outside of the golden arches.

If all else fails, just have a cold shower and eat ice cubes. That always works quite well for me.

What are your top tips for beating the heat? Let me know below.

Stay cool and take care!

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