pots and pans

‘As you like’ it says and do like.  I like it a lot.

This is a catalogue my husband got for going to a wedding.  You get to look through and pick a present. There was a lot of choice (see this page for the extent of choice: we had ジャスミン).  We went for something practical.  We needed a new frying pan, so guess what we got.  Yeah!  A frying pan.  For free.

So, I said for free but this isn’t really the case.  We had to fork out about £200/¥30,000 as gift money which  broke my heart, I can tell you!  I wouldn’t even give that amount to my own family!  This was a person my husband had known for a week.  A week!  Then, all we got out of it was bloody pans.  Too right we got something!

Anyway, here are the pans.  Lovely and bright.

We don’t need a saucepan so I have put that away ready to take back to England at some point for it to sit and clutter my mum’s house and not mine. Well, it’ll live in my old room ready to be used when we go back.

Here are the pans in the catalogue.  Not worth anything like the £200 we forked over, but not to worry.

Ever been to a Japanese wedding? Thoughts and impressions?


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