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I do try to be frugal and money conscious but I also like to spend money on good quality foods and if possible, local and independent retailers.  So, can you guess what’s coming next?  I’m going to show you what I bought this Saturday with these ideologies in mind.

Honey made from orange flowers.  They also threw in a little sample of a hand cream. [find here]

Mikan jam.  No, it’s not marmalade because they had a marmalade. Excited to try this. [find here]

Pancake mix.  I know, I do normally make my own but I tried some pancakes made with this mix and they were really light. [find here]

This is mayonnaise and it is made with free-range eggs which I am really happy about.  The owner also pointed this out a couple of times, so I was happy that we were on the same wavelength. [find here]

Brown rice – we got this huge bag for ¥300!  We got to roll a dice and we landed on six (the guy might have manipulated that).  This meant we got six times the usual amount.

Plum jam.  I am obsessed with ume things.  I love it.  This jam is gorgeous.

We were at an Organic festival in Ginza on the twelfth floor of the Tokyo Koutsu Kaikan, so everything was organic.  It was absolutely wonderful and I would recommend anyone to go (no idea how often they run).  They had lots of free samples as well, but we never abuse the system and we do tend to buy if we try.

What did you get up to this weekend?


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