daily life

Today’s to do list

  • washing (and yes, that dress is one of my creations swaying in the breeze) 
  • study
  • make tea for tonight (we’re having this which I haven’t tried before but looks good)
  • clean

Last week we bought some tomato plants and yesterday I bought a basil plant.  You can see how wild the herbs have gone with the weather change.  It’s gotten really warm recently in Tokyo.

I hope you’re having a good week.

Emily ...

pots and pans

‘As you like’ it says and do like.  I like it a lot.

This is a catalogue my husband got for going to a wedding.  You get to look through and pick a present. There was a lot of choice (see this page for the extent of choice: we had ジャスミン).  We went for something practical.  We needed a new frying pan, so guess what we got.  Yeah!  A frying pan.  For free.

So, I said for free but this isn’t really the case.  We had to fork out about £200/¥30,000 as gift money which  broke my heart, I ...

hearts and strawberries

happy valentine’s day (for yesterday)!

How did you spend your day?  I made us pizza and chocolate covered strawberries – I tried my best with them! Then we just relaxed and watched TV.  I like to just keep it simple.  When I was younger I did like to go out and I don’t regret that.  A lot of people criticise others for spending money on Valentine’s Day but you celebrate how you want to.  Being the tighty that I am, I like to celebrate it, but in a frugal way.  I know the strawberries don’t look as good as they ...