hearts and strawberries

happy valentine’s day (for yesterday)!

How did you spend your day?  I made us pizza and chocolate covered strawberries – I tried my best with them! Then we just relaxed and watched TV.  I like to just keep it simple.  When I was younger I did like to go out and I don’t regret that.  A lot of people criticise others for spending money on Valentine’s Day but you celebrate how you want to.  Being the tighty that I am, I like to celebrate it, but in a frugal way.  I know the strawberries don’t look as good as they could, especially if I had bought them from a shop. But, you know, there was thought that went into them and my husband loved them.

The pizza had a pesto heart which I needed to go over again once it came out of the oven.  I was ambitiously thinking to make a heart-shaped pizza (such as here) but there was no chance!  It tasted good which is what counts.

Let me know how you celebrated.


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