my tokyo hotel quarantine experience – feb 2022

I’ve been in the UK for the past couple of months, so when it was time to return to Tokyo, I knew I’d have to do a 6 day hotel quarantine.

I was at Villa Fontaine Haneda which is a brand new hotel and is right at the airport. It was a realy lovely hotel.

The food looks really good but it really wasn’t after day one. It all tasted the same and was practically the same each day. My husband ended up dropping food off for me and I am so grateful that he did. These are the vegan bentos – there was no vegetarian option.

Every day we had to do a temperature check (thermometer provided by hotel) and report to the hotel and the government service. I had to do a spit test on the 3rd and 6th day.

Heres hoping you don’t ever have to experience a hotel quarantine but best of luck to you if you do.



I used a hire car company that is popular and actively promoted on the FB group for returning to Japan. My advice is don’t use this company – I had a terrible experience with them and I am happy that the rules have changed to allow people to use public transport so others won’t experience the terrible service that I did. I’d use a Japanese company next time.

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